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If you want to
   take money out of  politics,
       take it out of
 your politics.

If you want to
   occupy something,

       occupy your precinct.


If you want to
   be a hero,

       run for US Congress

Welcome to our site. 

We are looking to network into every US Congressional district across America, seeking candidates for primary challenges to incumbents of both major parties.

We are not raising money.  We're looking for average citizens to join district committees and contribute small amounts of their spare time in a coordinated campaign effort to save America.

The PA 5th Congressional district will be the first prototype running in the GOP primary.  A filing will not be made until sufficient membership is found and the campaign formalized.


It will take some time to develop this site to the point that it can offer "accounts" to its members.  Please be patient, and contact us if you would like to participate.

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