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Economic Policy Outline for a

Progressive Libertarian Caucus

April 29, 2011  vle



1.  Currency.


2.  Taxation. 


3.  Spending.  Exactly what government spends its money on should be strictly defined.  Setting budgets to per-capita figures would prevent inflation.  The division of the budget into social welfare, infrastructure and civil protection payments needs to be decided.  Also, the methods of spending need to be decided.



Statement on Social Welfare


Statement on Infrastructure


Statement on Civil Protection




Question:  Should the Federal Reserve simply be nationalized?  Or should the Treasury simply take control of the money supply and eliminate fractional reserve lending altogether?


Initial thoughts:  At the state level, a state bank would be a great benefit to the people and would hedge against the current system.  At the national level, I'm not sure this is the best strategy.  The culprit of fractional reserve lending needs to be contained, and the indenture of taxpayers to banks, public or private, should be ended.


I welcome any discussion, debate or recommendations on this initial statement.  As you can see, there is much to resolve.  It is hoped that a forum, or links to my youtube or other network media will facilitate this process.  Until this website is fully established, you may contact me at