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Welcome to my personal website.  I am hoping to establish a policy outline for a new approach to libertarian argument.  As it develops, through youtube videos and blog posts, I hope to bring them here along with a strong forum.
-- Vernon L Etzel
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"Protect the People"
The function of government is to Protect the People.  This has been true of every government since they lit the first campfires of human civilization.
As a libertarian, I believe government can protect the people without violating the rights of individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Quick List:  The following topics are a quick outline of hot topics.  These are all programs that could be implemented by US Congress.
  1.  Military withdrawl
  2.  End the war on drugs
  3.  Medicaid for All
   4.  Monetary Reform
General Policy Statement
The Libertarian Party has, since its inception, been dominated by an ideology known as "anarcho-capitalism".  For the past 30 years, "libertarian" and conservative think tanks have been generating a strong, ideological base.
This has been evident in the Ron Paul culture, and in the creation of the Tea Party by Republican financiers.  Far from being a fringe philosophy, it rests at the core of right-wing economic theory.
However, this anarcho-capitalism does not, in my view, advocate for Liberty.  On the contrary, it is the moral foundation for Plutocracy.
This truth needs to be confronted.  I am a libertarian because I believe that people have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Most people do.
But this doesn't lead me to seek an end to Social Security and Medicare.  I am not compelled by my committment to Rights to seek the privatization of the roads and everything else.  I am not an anarchist, and I most certainly believe that democratic government is better than serfdom.
In this sense, I am also a progressive.  In order for markets to be truly "free", they must be secured.  Civil protection, infrastructure and social welfare are primary considerations of government spending.
To finance government, a debt-free currency controlled by Congress alone would free our nation from the current plutocracy.  And while I support a "tax shift" away from labor and toward land, pollution and severance taxes, I would demand that any income tax be Simple and Fair.
We don't need less government, we need better government!